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Unit Five. Week Four, NEW DATE: 11/21. Media, Discourse, & Culture.

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Teach Out Gathering Time

UPDATED DATE! Sunday, November 21. 5:00-7:00pm PST

Meeting ID: 912 5545 1845

media, discourse, & culture: unraveling american imaginaries of race, gender, and intersectional justice

don't just do it: interrogating sports, culture, and power in america


week four texts/viewings

1. "42," HBO Max and other outlets

2. "The Curious Case of Curt Flood," YouTube,


our weekly provocations

1. Harry Edwards, Revolt of the Black Athlete, 1968 (cont. from week three)
2. Louis Moore, "Jackie Robinson and Police Brutality," August 2014,


our weekly outro

I am pleased that God made my skin black

but I wish he had made it thicker.

--Curt Flood, 1971



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