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Unit Eight, Week One 11/7 & 11/12: Making Knowledge Impactful & Accessible, Beyond Academy Walls

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Teach Out Gathering Time

Sunday, November 12. 5:00-7:00pm PST/7:00-9:00pm CST

Coffee/tea hour, for discussion and reflection:

Tuesday, November 7 6:00-7:00am PST/8:00-9:00am CST

Meeting ID: 893 7021 9824

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Christopher Emdin poses an important question in 2023, "in this season, where 'justice work' is visible and sometimes even profitable, when there are endless books, products, institutions, that make a living by speaking about justice, how do we find new possibility?"

How do we do it right? How do we restructure systems - find a way forward for a better world for those with the least access to power - through the work we do, from the streets to the halls of the most "hallowed" industries and institutions?

This unit will explore these questions, guided by readings and texts from academics, activists, organizational leaders, and more, to help us think about how critical discourses


Each week will involve each of us reading and experiencing the work of a few thinkers, writers, creators, and theorists engaging these questions. Soak them in, read them...not on the run and preferably not on a screen. Sit, make some tea 🍵 , or a drink 🥃 , find a snack 🍲, or whatever you most enjoy. Allow the works to wash over you, opening up your center of imagination. Engage them fully.

This Sunday, 11/5, we will gather with fellow Teach Out community members, in our various discussion spaces, and talk about the first set of questions.

  • What is justice, in 2023 leaning into 2024?

  • How is justice understood a concept differently - and similarly - in the US and globally?

  • What active imaginaries and tools are available to us that may build more just communities?

  • How does our current global landscape map paths for new forms of communication and information possibility that empowers change?

I've been asked, many times, what ways one may "get involved" or "what we may do" as we live in the wake of so many sites, systems, and acts of injustice (as I write this, headlines of the destruction of Gaza fill our media and imagination spheres and voter suppression leading up to a US election in three weeks is amplifying). We often talk about organizing and long term committed community relation with others.

We will continue our commitments around these goals.

It's worth the time to also think about how we forge imaginations that resist what we've been limited to see, hear, & create in our information landscape; to explore how we think about cognitive, communicative, aesthetic, and artistic revolutions that have re-formed what it means to be human and to demand justice.



1. Angel Jones, PhD, "Miseducation" from Street Scholar

Download PDF • 2.94MB

2. Ta-Nehisi Coates, "I'm Not Black, I'm Kanye" from The Atlantic

Ta-Nehisi Coates_ Kanye West in the Age of Donald Trump - The Atlantic
Download PDF • 12.95MB

3. Ibram Kendi, "The Crisis of the Intellectuals" from The Atlantic

America’s Crisis of the Intellectual - The Atlantic
Download PDF • 3.14MB


Invite your friends, your colleagues, your community. All are welcome.




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