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The Teach Out's Answer to the MOOC?

We at The Teach Out are unbelievably excited to announce a new project!

We will host our first communal online open course experience (our answer to the MOOC!). It is "Hip Hop and Life: A Quest for History, Change, and Freedom." The informational booklet is here...

Download PDF • 12.49MB

The Teach Out has long been committed not only to opening the aperture of learning in terms of *what* we learn, but also in reimagining *how* we learn. Traditional systems of education, if we've come to know anything, have failed so many of us. This COOC (yeah, it's not a great acronym, we'll work on it!) will be a communal learning experience, open to all, online for access, interactive at the highest level (we have some tricks up our sleeve to make the online environment more communal!), and rooted in critical, rigorous conversation with an eye toward creative and joyful conversation & learning.

So, are you a hip hop fan? Not a fan, but interested in what hip hop is all about? Convinced the public narratives of hip hop aren't the whole story? Long out of college, but excited to get back into a college-like experience? Love talking about our world today? Never had the opportunity to go to college and ready to dive into an accessible learning space? Interested in how hip hop, or art in general, may be related to social change and freedom? Human, a thinker, and/or interested in community and justice?

Come one, come all! Tell others! All are welcome.

There will be weekly lectures, discussions, readings, and playlists. Fifteen weeks of content (mostly laid out in the attachment, check it out!)

Course launches TUESDAY, 1.31.23.

🚨 RSVP "YES!" here, just make sure to leave your name. 🚨

That's it! Tell others, spread the word. A large turn out, for this, is a good thing.



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