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knowledge is not a commodity.

The Teach Out

learn. unlearn. innovate. create.

Teach in. teach together.

Teach out.

Welcome to The Teach Out.

Here you'll find everything you need to join our gatherings, visit our forums, and browse & contribute to a catalogue of resources around The Teach Out's work.

So glad you're here.

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robert jones, jr.

writer & movement leader

Featured VOICES

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dr. yaba blay


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educator & speaker

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Ross Gay

writer & poet



ReTreatOut 2.0
is Coming!

One highlight of 2022 was when The Teach Out hosted its second retreat event, RetreatOut 1.5, in Portland, Oregon in June 2022. It involved an intimate and productive gathering of thinkers, creators, and learners from across the United States engaging around our core ideas including sessions on the necessity for evolving frameworks of DEI work and infrastructures of restorative justice. The launch dinner was held at Akādi, a West African restaurant in SE Portland not to be missed.

In 2024, The Teach Out will launch its third retreat event, RetreatOut 2.0, held in the Southern US and centered around racial justice. STAY TUNED for more information!

The Teach Out at

Our founder and director, Dr. Heather Ashley Hayes, appeared at the 2023 SXSW EDU festival and conference in Austin, Texas. Drawing from her work in education, inclusion, and social engagement and engaging her research in public discourse, accessibility, and neuroscience, she presented a talk to a packed session of more than 300 attendees,"How Knowing Our Brain Transforms the World." Sharing her passion for bringing communities together, she also served as a SXSW mentor, building connections with the incredible innovators, educators, entrepreneurs, and creators at the festival, all professionals across the field of education and technology from across the world. 

Upcoming gatherings

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